About VFP Consulting

We implement solutions from Salesforce.com and FinancialForce.


When you have a 360º view of your customers and employees all in one system, you can see your challenges and opportunities much more clearly. This is possible with the power and flexibility of investing in the Salesforce.com platform.

• With front-office solutions from Salesforce.com and back-office solutions from FinancialForce, you can now run your entire business on a single cloud-based platform.

• This allows us to ensure current business requirements are met while designing for scalability and integrating other parts of the business.


With our proprietary software, RADTest, we provide real-time details on every aspect of the project from beginning to end. The entire team can focus on what's important with a single-source of truth.

• Everything starts with process. We map out your future-state business process so everyone is on the same page.

• All Requirements are tracked within RADTest, which is on the Force.com platform. Each Requirement is linked to a step in the process. This helps us identify requirement gaps and ensure we maintain focus on the process.

• Test plans and test results are all tracked in the system, so you have a historical picture of who tested what and when including testing feedback details and issue resolution.

• Action Items help the entire project team focus on what needs to be done including who assigned the action item and who owns it. No more hidden emails and miscommunication.


At VFP Consulting, we have a passion for software making a real difference. This is challenging work and not for the faint of heart. To be good at what we do, we have to love it. Here's what we care about:

• We will challenge you to consider the costs and benefits of your processes and supporting requirements.

• We provide specific recommendations with justification. Our role isn’t just to configure software – it’s to provide feedback and guidance on what works and why.

• We aggressively identify and address risks. No one likes surprises that could’ve been prevented.

• We set clear expectations – what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you.

The People Behind VFP Consulting

Paul Rees


Rees started his career as a recruiter in a consulting company in 2001 and has been in the professional services industry ever since. Having held roles in HR management, resource management and operations management, Rees brings a wide range of practical hands-on experience to VFP Consulting.

Prior to his 5 years at TOP Step Consulting, where he established a support practice and then the FinancialForce practice with Picardi, Rees was the Director of Operations for SmartDog Services, an Austin-based Oracle consulting firm. There, he built his first custom app on Salesforce.com and immediately recognized the power and flexibility of the platform.

Rees leads PSA, Revenue Management and HCM implementations for startups, pre-IPO and mid-size companies.

Stephanie Picardi


In her role as Partner, Picardi manages the partner relationships and new business development. She brings over a decade of professional services and account management experience to VFP Consulting.

Prior to co-founding VFP Consulting, Picardi was a Principal with TOP Step Consulting where she and Rees established a FinancialForce practice, doubling the size of the company within a single year. Picardi began her career with Unanet Technologies as an Implementation Consultant and eventually developed their Account Management practice to nurture and expand the Unanet footprint within the existing client base.

Throughout her experience she has helped businesses streamline their processes with technology and process efficiency across industries. Picardi leads successful Enterprise deployments including mergers and acquisitions in the public, private, and global markets.