Dreamforce “Dos” and “Don’ts”: Part One

Dreamforce, that giant gathering of Salesforce devotees, is coming up fast. As seasoned veterans of Salesforce’s flagship event, we thought we pass on some advice for first-timers. In part one, we’ll discuss the things you want to make sure you do.

  • Do wear good walking shoes. The sessions can be pretty spread out. Choose feet over fashion and thank us later.
  • Do wear layers. San Francisco goes hot and cold just like your ex. Maybe more often.
  • Do take certification tests. They’re half-price at the conference and look baller on your resume.
  • Do circulate the things you learn. Your boss is going to want to know their investment was worth it. Don’t make them regret sending you.
  • Do practice your earnest listening face. Some of the booths won’t give you swag unless you hear them out. Be prepared to endure long, product-praising pontifications.
  • Do print out business cards with the wrong email and phone number. Sure, they’ll try to scan your badge, but if you can get them to agree to the card, you’ve just saved yourself some precious post-Dreamforce time.
  • Do have questions prepared for each session, even if they’re not relevant to the topic. If possible, sit by the mic so you can be the first to ask why you still can’t add lookups to opportunity line items or when they’re going to make process builder error messages useful. We all want to know.

Have any more suggestions from your past experience? Share them with us in the comments below! Check back on Thursday for part two, in which we present a list of things to avoid at all costs.

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