Dreamforce “Dos” and “Don’ts”: Part Two

Dreamforce, that giant gathering of Salesforce devotees, is coming up fast. As seasoned veterans of Salesforce’s flagship event, we thought we pass on some advice for first-timers. In part two, we’ll discuss the things you want to make sure you avoid.

  • Don’t let on that you’re a decision-maker. When that sales pitch drones on, tell them you’re an admin and split.
  • Don’t forget your wheelbarrow. Swag is plentiful and you’re doing it wrong if you don’t grab each and every last free trinket. Christmas is coming and Dreamforce is the best place to snag something for that special someone.
  • Don’t neglect your phone’s feelings. Bring a portable charger with you so that a selfie opportunity is not lost for lack of power.
  • Don’t ever take off your Dreamforce badge. How else will people know you’re cool?
  • Don’t forget the cameras are on the audience during the keynotes. To be sure you get your fair share of screen time, smile big the entire time. Your face is going to hurt by the end, but your reward will be a potential feature in next year’s marketing materials.
  • Don’t let Chatty Chester make you late for your next session. If he had so much to offer, he’d have his own session, now wouldn’t he? Keep the headphones in and your eyes down.

Have any more suggestions from your past experience? Share them with us in the comments below! See you at Dreamforce!

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