Run your Whole Business on One System

As software consultants, we’ve seen first-hand the pain and expense of getting different departments within a company to work together seamlessly. More often than not, marketing, sales, accounting, services and support run their own systems on different platforms. Yet, they all need to operate as one business. When this doesn’t work well, the business doesn’t work well.

We run our business on the same software as large enterprises, yet we’re a small boutique consulting firm with no outside funding. Even as recently as 10 years ago, this wasn’t possible for a company like ours. Let’s be specific. Our Sales, Accounting, HR, and Professional Services functions of our business are in one system on one platform. All the systems share a common database and common records like customers and employees, so there’s no need for system integrations, and we have a 360-degree view of our business.

Not long ago, there were only 2 scenarios for this: Either you bought and implemented a large ERP system like SAP or Oracle, or you had your own software custom built. Neither was a realistic option for small or even mid-size businesses. 10 years ago, we would’ve bought separate applications, relied heavily on spreadsheets, and wouldn’t have even contemplated system integrations. But today we’re running a full-featured, single-platform ERP.

What has changed is the emergence of FinancialForce. Their ERP is used by companies of all sizes to run accounting, HR, supply chain and professional services, and it all runs on the platform from Companies as large as HP Enterprise and Cincinnati Bell use the same software as we do. And there’s not a separate enterprise edition for those companies and small business edition for us. Of course, we started small, but as we grow, our software will grow with us.

Full disclosure: We’re a FinancialForce partner, and our business is implementing their applications, so it’s only natural we’d have glowing reviews. But the fact that we can afford to run it ourselves without a steep discount means there’s more to this than our own profit motive.

Whatever the size of your business, it’s worth looking at what FinancialForce can do. Nothing beats it in terms of running one seamless system to get you a 360-degree view of your business. Give us a call, and we’ll share our perspective on what it’s done for us and our clients.

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