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There’s a reason Salesforce is the #1 solution for sales organizations. It offers the power and flexibility to support organizations of all sizes. With that flexibility, there is a lot to consider to be sure it’s adding value, not friction.

First, let’s identify the right level of visibility to management, based on your sales organization maturity. With your sales methodology as the foundation, let’s streamline your process so you don’t get bogged down in extra steps and capturing unnecessary data.  In order to have good data, you need the system to be useful to individual reps in ways that make them more productive. We find the balance between too much and not enough.


Unify the sales experience by connecting sales, marketing service, and finance departments for a better customer experience.

Give sales reps the AI edge
Built-in AI automatically captures data and provides sales teams actionable insight into top leads and next steps.
Manage Opportunities From Anywhere
View sales forecasts from any device. Let metrics drive decisions and empower sales staff.
360° Cloud view of the sales pipeline
Visualize the sales pipeline and easily drill down to individual leads. Know exactly where each lead is in the sales cycle.
Sell from anywhere
Sell from the office or on the road. Increase productivity, collaboration and convenience.
Connect Sales, Marketing and service
Unify the sales experience by connecting sales, marketing and service departments for a better customer experience.
Track sales from lead to revenue
Automate the CPQ process for consistent quotes and proposals. Connect Sales to Support for upsell opportunities.

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It’s exciting to be part of a growing
company that is also putting great
processes and operations in place, so I
can a focus on my job which is doing A

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Details matter.
A lot.
Especially when it comes to creating the right processes for your team. Every field and every button has a purpose and needs to be considered. We value focusing on the details to make sure we get it right – every time – and work with you to make sure that you system meets your organization’s business and technology needs.

Core Values

The DevilIs In theDetails.

SalesCloud Implementation FAQ

Yes, Sales Cloud can be implemented as a stand-alone application.  Many organizations find with the power and flexibility of Salesforce there are other areas of the business that can benefit from joining the Sales team on the same platform.

Sales Cloud is designed for Sales organizations to track opportunities from lead through opportunity close, renewal , and upsell. Service Cloud is a customer service solution designed for support organizations to manage cases, knowledge, and service level agreements.

Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation times can range from 1 month to several months or more depending on the size, complexity and data volume of your organization. A consultation will help our Sales Cloud consultants estimate how long it will take to complete your business’s implementation. Request a consultation with VFP Consulting.

Yes, we train key staff during the user-acceptance phase of implementation. Staff will become conversant with sales workflows and Sales Cloud’s most-used features and tools.

Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation costs vary greatly because each company and implementation is unique. A thorough consultation is required before we can provide an estimate. To receive a Sales Cloud implementation estimate, request a consultation with a VFP Consulting expert.

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