The Move from Live to Virtual What to expect from remote User Acceptance Testing

A typical Quote to Cash UAT used to mean up to 50 people in a room on laptops, coached by #teamVFP in person, as they learn and test their Quote to Cash implementation.

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The 3 greatest perks of using a one-platform solution like Salesforce

Are you having difficulties scaling your business? Are team productivity and communication dwindling? We’ve written an in-depth profile on how you can leverage a one platform business solution like Salesforce to completely transform your business. Implementing a one platform solution has been proven to not only help streamline business processes and accelerate cash flow but increase revenue as well!

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The 3 Most Important Things We Learned at Dreamforce 2019

In case you missed it...we reveal the 3 most important things we learned at Dreamforce 2019 this year, including a quote to live by from Barack Obama!

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