Our business-process first approach results in FinancialForce implementations that fit like a glove. 

VFP Consulting is a FinancialForce Implementation Partner that translates your business processes and needs into a reliable, sensible and usable PSA/ERP solution.


Our consultants are business process savants with vast experience implementing FinancialForce for companies across diverse industries. We succeed at delivering usable, efficient and scalable implementations to our clients because we understand and refine processes, instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach. We are guided by best practices, methods proven by data, and an obsession with workflow perfection. If you are considering a FinancialForce implementation, talk to us first. You’ll be glad you did.


FinancialForce PSA and ERP Solutions

Financial Management

Manage accounting and finance, billing and reporting. VFP can implement any or all of FinancialForce cloud-based financial management tools.


VFP implements:

Accounting & Finance

Subscription & Usage Billing

Revenue Recognition & Forecasting

Order & Inventory

Management Procurement


FinancialForce PSA provides businesses the ultimate in visibility. Track service and product sales, service delivery and financials:


VFP implements:

Resource Management

Sales Engagement

PSA Communities

Project Management

Project Financials Time & Expenses

Billing & Revenue


Dashboards & Reporting

Project Management

Manage every aspect of your business’s human capital online. VFP can implement a powerful HR app that reduces costs and provides data that drives sound decision making:


VFP implements:

Human Resource Management

Workforce Management Benefits

Employee Engagement

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Workforce Reporting & Analytics

FinancialForce Implementation process

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Data Migration
  • Implementation Design
  • Testing
  • Deployment

A successful FinancialForce implementation depends on thorough consultation. Not just one consultation, but consultation throughout the implementation process. At VFP Consulting, our experts use our company motto “Vision. Focus. Passion” as a North Star to guide the project safely to its final destination: a cloud PSA / ERP that benefits our clients, their customers, employees and stakeholders. The journey to an integrated cloud-based business management system starts here.

During the planning phase, we clarify our customers’ vision, identify FinancialForce solution implementations that will achieve their goals and formalize a project and communication plan. We’ll also identify key knowledge-holders in your business that can provide details about processes, operations and the current form of process and data management.

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of current business processes, data recording methods, and gaps in processes. At this stage, interviews and meetings will be held between VFP staff and your key staff. We’ll get to know, in detail, what information is recorded, where it is stored and who accesses it. We create a new business process map and identify which FinancialForce PSA/ERP solutions should be implemented to achieve the company’s goals.

We export and/or convert data from current records and ready it for import into FinancialForce and Salesforce.

With our expert knowledge of both FinancialForce and Salesforce, in-depth experience with both platform’s offerings, and knowledge of business processes, we create user-centric implementations that follow industry best practices, but more importantly, fit your business. We ensure your implementation works for you now and will grow or change as your business grows and changes.

Throughout the implementation process, we test and retest, ensuring everything works as it should. VFP uses RADTest, a programmatic method of testing each piece of the business processes puzzle. RADTest helps ensure watertight, bug-free, gap-free implementation that works…every time!

Deployment may occur in stages or when all data and all FinancialForce solutions have been implemented. After deployment, we do post-deployment checks to ensure your FinancialForce PSA/ERP implementation is functioning as it did in testing. After go-live, we don’t leave you hanging, either. When you need help, we’re here for you.

Where Passion
meets purpose

Habits are formed by doing something every day, and we think that is an essential can’t-live-without-it part of the job at VFP. We make excellence our habit. So you know you can count on us to look out for you and deliver the best.

FinanceForce Implementation FAQ

Think of the Salesforce platform as a smartphone that can run multiple apps. It allows you to add other applications to support other parts of your organization, such as products from FinancialForce. FinancialForce products are 100% native to the Salesforce platform, which means you have a single source of truth for your organizational data like customers and products. With your financials, PSA and CRM on the same platform, there’s no need to integrate separate systems.

No, you can use FinancialForce without implementing Salesforce applications.  FinancialForce licenses will include the Salesforce platform, but without access to the Salesforce applications such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud.

The length of time it takes to implement FinancialForce depends on many factors, including: complexity of processes, how much data is being migrated (if any), and the number of FinancialForce solutions being implemented. Implementation can take anywhere from a couple of months to several months.

FinancialForce offers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions that can be implemented separately or simultaneously. The FinancialForce applications include Financials, Billing, Revenue Management, and Professional Services Automation (PSA). View FinancialForce applications.

Yes. During the user-acceptance phase (close to the end of implementation), we train key staff members to use FinancialForce. Trainees will become familiar with processes, features and tools.

It’s impossible to provide an “average” price that is meaningful, because each company and its needs are unique. Suffice it to say, that the more complex your business’s processes and the more FinancialForce solutions that need to be implemented to meet your implementation goals, the higher the cost. A consultation is the only way we are able to estimate the cost of implementation to your company. Book a free consultation today!

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