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Our focus on business best practices for ERP processes leads to amazing Salesforce implementations. 

VFP Consulting provides Salesforce implementation services, although that’s not why we succeed for our clients. Our engagements are successful because of our never-ending obsession with business processes: best practices, how they work (or don’t work), and how we can make them work better for you and your employees.

Salesforce gives companies an opportunity to leverage a single platform for both front and back office processes and financials. It’s the foundation of the project, but the real focus that determines the best features and products for your business are your people, and how they work.

We’re a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, but it’s our process expertise matched with our vision, focus and passion that sets us apart.

Salesforce Solutions

Financial Management

FinancialForce is the #1 cloud ERP and financial management application.

VFP is a FinancialForce implementation expert. Get accounting, subscription and usage billing, PSA, and more.


Automate and track sales processes for increased efficiency and accountability. Give managers and sales teams the tools they need to enhance lead generation and sales.

Customer Service

Engage with customers and track customer touch points on multiple channels. Give customer service reps the tools they need to provide a better customer experience.

Marketing Automation

From data driven email marketing to a unified view of customers, Salesforce marketing automation makes marketing smarter, more efficient, and more effective.


Commerce Cloud supercharges B2B and B2C ecommerce delivery creating a better customer experience. Get a 360° view of customer activity, orders and inventory.


Create portals and help centres to serve customers and partners. Provide online self-help articles and support in an interactive community that improves customer service and brand loyalty.


Salesforce collaboration allows teams to communicate, share documents and discuss projects online from anywhere. Connect all your teams online for increased efficiency.

Industry Solutions

Salesforce works across industries including: financial services, health care, retail, manufacturing, communications and media and government.

Learn about Salesforce in detail.

Salesforce Implementation process

A successful Salesforce implementation starts with extensive consultation. Our consultation process is iterative. It’s a vital first step in understanding how your front and back office operates, how processes can be improved, and whether Salesforce is a good fit. It’s also a necessary ingredient from planning right through to Salesforce deployment. VFP Consulting may be expert Salesforce Implementation Partners, but first and foremost, we are expert business process consultants. Our team has worked with countless businesses in many different sectors. We follow best practices and draw from a wealth of experience of our clients’ Salesforce implementation journeys.

Salesforce implementation planning is when we really get to know your company, its vision and needs. We identify your goals, have-to-haves, nice-to-haves, current tools, applications and dependencies. We also get to know departments, their unique needs and your people. We’ll discuss an implementation strategy (e.g. phased, sequential deployment known as “waterfall” vs. iterative deployment with successive refinement known as “scrum”). Planning is crucial. It helps prevent process gaps and time-consuming, expensive backtracking. VFP consultants ensure all of the necessary information is gathered before moving onto the next step of your Salesforce implementation journey.

Processes are the life’s blood of your business. They are the actions you, your employees, managers and teams take to produce a product, service, or serve a customer. Business processes, sometimes referred to as “workflows” are usually broken down into front office (customer-facing processes) and back office (administrative processes). During business process mapping, we visualize processes in flowcharts. We identify how processes are connected, what data they produce, and who accesses the data. We identify process strengths and weaknesses, make suggestions for improvement and ultimately seek to map the processes to Salesforce and its related tools, such as FinancialForce.

We export and/or convert data from current records and ready it for import into Salesforce.

Implementation design is the Salesforce set up phase. By understanding your business processes, we can create the ideal set up for your business. We employ best practices as recommended by Salesforce and also bring years of experiences working with hundreds of clients to the table. Salesforce recommends a “click-not-code” approach, using Salesforce native configuration tools. A native installation of Salesforce coupled with FinancialForce implementation and a sensible set up will meet the needs of the majority of businesses.

VFP thoroughly tests the Salesforce set up and workflows. We use RADTest, a programmatic method of ensuring process and data integrity. RADTest helps ensure a bug-free, gap-free Salesforce implementation that works as planned.

Deployment occurs on a timeline defined in the planning stages. After thoroughly testing the set up in a sandbox environment, your business’s Salesforce implementation is readied for production (the live instance). The final set of users and data are loaded into the live Salesforce system and re-tested.

the devil
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Details matter.
A lot.
 Especially when it comes to creating the right processes for your team. Every field and every button has a purpose and needs to be considered. We value focusing on the details to make sure we get it right – every time – and work with you to make sure that you system meets your organization’s business and technology needs.


Salesforce Implementation FAQ

I thought Salesforce was CRM? I see mention of Financial Management capabilities.

Salesforce is a customer-relationship management platform that helps businesses manage sales, marketing and customer service processes. FinancialForce, which is built on the Salesforce platform, is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) and PSA (Professional Services Automation) application. With FinancialForce added to Salesforce, you get several state-of-the-art financial management products including accounting, billing, revenue, forecasting and more. Because it is a built on Salesforce, you’ll have a customer-centric view of data across departments. By combining Salesforce and FinancialForce you can take both front and back office online and access them from one application.

Do you provide Salesforce training?

We provide Salesforce training during the user-acceptance phase of implementation. Key staff members will learn workflows and most-used Salesforce features.

How long does it take to complete a Salesforce implementation?

Because each company has different needs and complexity, Salesforce implementation times vary widely. No two Salesforce implementations are alike. Suffice it to say that we take the time that is required to undertake implementation correctly. It can take 20-100s of hours work spread over a few weeks or several months. A consultation will reveal how long implementation will take for your company.

Is Salesforce one application or several products?

The easiest way to think of Salesforce is like a smartphone. The Salesforce platform is like a phone that can run multiple apps. The core applications offered by Salesforce include Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. Like a smartphone, it also allows you to add other applications to support other parts of your organization, such as products from FinancialForce. View Salesforce products.

How much does Salesforce implementation cost?

We can’t answer implementation cost questions without a thorough consultation. There really is no “average” cost for Salesforce implementation because each implementation is different, just as each company is different. The final cost is determined by the complexity of the implementation and the number of hours it takes to complete. Request a consultation with a VFP consultant. After we get to know your business needs and the work scope, we’ll provide an estimate.

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