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certinia accounting implementation in salesforce

VFP mitigates your risks

VFP Consulting provides seamless Certinia accounting implementation on Salesforce. Our implementations are successful because of our business-process-first approach.

We don’t squeeze outdated processes into the application. We ensure accounting and finance workflows are thoroughly reviewed and refined for integrity and scalability before the setup process begins. This approach minimizes implementation speed bumps that add to project scope and cost.

Finance Features

Certinia cloud ERP gives your business financial management on the SF platform, a full suite of enterprise applications on a single platform.

Accounting and Finance for SalesForce

Automate accounting and financial management tasks in a full-featured cloud accounting application for Salesforce.

Manage Multiple Billing Models

Automate accounting and financial management tasks in a full-featured cloud accounting application for Salesforce.

Real-time Financials and Analytics

Automate accounting and financial management tasks in a full-featured cloud accounting application for Salesforce.

Revenue Recognition and Forecasting

Ditch complex, inaccurate spreadsheets. Centralize revenue streams and recognize revenue by type, date and customer.

Easily Support Your Audit Standards and Compliance Needs

Easily configure to support audit standards and compliance needs. Enforce controls and ensure transaction recording accuracy.

Handle Orders on Multiple Sales Channels

Streamline service and product order fulfillment. Record orders across sales channels in one centralized view.

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We care about your business goals, and we can help set your team up with best-in-class processes and the technology to make it happen. That means we are always looking to understand the big picture and will ask the tough questions to get there.

Finance Implementation FAQ

Is Certinia Financial Management a standalone application?

Certinia Accounting and Financial Management is built on the Salesforce platform and runs in your Salesforce environment. Because Salesforce is flexible, you can add Salesforce and Certinia products to get your entire front and back office online.

There are many accounting and finance solutions, so why would I choose Certinia

Most cloud accounting and finance applications are standalone (single-purpose) software. They do not provide a unified view of your business, nor can the data easily be shared by departments. Because Certinia is built for Salesforce, you can have accounting and finance, CRM, sales, service and marketing applications in one installation. You get a 360° customer-centric view of your operation and departments can share data while still enforcing accounting controls. Employees and teams can take charge of tasks and collaborate for increased efficiency and accountability.

How long does it take to implement Certinia accounting for Salesforce?

Implementation time varies and depends on the size of your organization, complexity of its processes and the number of products being implemented. A consultation helps us estimate the implementation scope and time. Request a consultation with our Certinia Accounting implementation experts. Most small to medium organizations take 3-4 months, where larger or more complex organizations may take longer. Either way, we’re talking months not years.

Does VFP Consulting provide Certinia financial Management training?

With net new implementation projects, we believe knowledge transfer and training is important. It’s not an event that happens at the end. It’s happening through every stage of the implementation, with multiple opportunities for your team to get hands on training and involvement before you go live. Training the trainer is a significant priority through the process of delivery. Post go live, we have worked with customers who have experienced changes that resulted in a loss of their knowledge bases, and VFP is committed to remaining engaged and supporting with retraining as your long term partner.

What does Certinia financial management implementation cost?

With every project we go through detailed scoping so we can give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect in time, resources and ultimately cost. To receive an implementation estimate, request a consultation with a VFP Consulting expert.

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