SINGLE PLATFORM quote to cash

Automate your sales lifecycle

with Salesforce and Certinia

If you want to track your business transactions from estimate to sale to cash in the bank, then an integrated ERP solution on the leading single platform is the answer.

Salesforce quote to cash solutions with integrated Certinia tools will enable you to streamline and track your product and service offerings and outcomes.

Salesforce Quote to Cash features

VFP will configure your quote to cash solutions to maximize the benefits the Salesforce platform has to offer.


VFP Consulting provides complete quote to cash consultation and implementation services that fit the way you do business. We evaluate and refine business processes and implement solutions that work for you. Our Salesforce quote to cash implementations and deep business process knowledge help our clients achieve success. We follow best practices, draw on our extensive platform experience, and most importantly, know how to avoid implementation pitfalls and gaps thanks to our business-process-first approach.


Create accurate quotes, consistent pricing and discounts. Easy-to-use for managers and sales reps.


Streamline proposal and contract creation, delivery and conversion to sale.


Recognize revenue from any source compliant with ASC 606 and increase billing efficiency, automate invoice creation and create invoices from any device.


Automate order renewals with easily configurable subscription billing. Never miss a renewal!


Populate quotes from inventory for increased efficiency and accuracy and connect to clients in your CRM.


Generate reports on quotes, orders, invoices and payments. Identify top-spending and most profitable clients.

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salesforce quote to cash FAQ

Is Salesforce Quote to Cash solution a standalone app?

Quote to cash is a process that can be made effective by integrating Salesforce and Certinia products and selecting the right mix for your business – and that’s where we come in. Because Salesforce is an extensible platform, you can have core functionality, including financial management, in one solution.

We don't have Salesforce. Why would we choose Salesforce QTC over a standalone application?

Single-purpose applications don’t work well in today’s business world. Salesforce, its products and add-ons allow you to replace several single-purpose apps with one cloud application. This extensibility is more efficient, less costly, and gives you a 360° client-centric view of all business processes from sales, marketing and service delivery to accounting and finance.

How long does it take to implement QUOTE TO CASH?

A typical Salesforce Quote to Cash implementation takes 10-15 weeks. The larger and more complex your organization is, the longer the implementation takes. Because each company is unique, so is each implementation. A thorough consultation is required to determine the implementation scope and time required to complete it.

What's the difference between QTC and CPQ?

The terms are often used interchangeably because they are so closely related. QTC applications automate sales and contract lifecycle management. Configure-price-quote is the starting point of that lifecycle and is mainly concerned with the automation of estimates, proposals, contracts and invoicing that begin a buyer’s relationship with your business. In Salesforce, quote to cash tools are found in the Salesforce CPQ product editions.

Do you provide Salesforce QTC training?

Yes. We train key staff in most aspects of Salesforce QTC. Trainees will become familiar with workflows and most-used Salesforce QTC features.

What does it cost to implement QUOTE TO CASH in Salesforce?

It’s impossible to estimate QTC implementation costs without a thorough consultation. The scope of implementation will determine the cost. To receive an estimate, request a consultation with our QTC implementation experts.

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