From 8 systems to 1 platform

CentralSquare had multiple platforms for tracking their professional services work for customer projects. 


The Certinia platform gave them the best scalability and functionality that they needed on the Salesforce platform allowing them to streamline the automation between opportunities and project creation and reducing the time of project assignment from days to hours. 


Having everything on a single platform like Salesforce is such a big advantage because it reduces the friction on all of your handoffs and provides real-time visibility that allows you to make proactive decisions about your business. 

Accurate actionable data

Better time entry

Visibility across the whole quote to the cash process

The Story behind the story

CentralSquare’s key objectives were trying to get off an unscalable platform and get onto something that would benefit the entire business and give them visibility across the whole Quote to Cash process. 

Here’s the story behind the implementation. 


VFP Perspective

At VFP, our mission is to help companies evolve and that starts with an implementation that lays the groundwork for scalability and flexibility.

When working with Gabe and CentralSquare, what we were able to do was give visibility much earlier on in the process so they could start to staff their project managers 30 to 60 days earlier than they were able to before giving them the ability to start their projects a lot faster and get up and running and start to recognize that revenue and get those billings out the door and be more productive as a team and as an organization. 

The real key here is collaboration and openness to new ideas, as well as being willing to kind of take some challenges and work your way through that process to arrive at the best end result.

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