We Love
The Work
We Do

Our relationships with our customers and team members are guided by the core principles behind our name: Vision, Focus and Passion.

These three words keep us thinking about the future and growing as consultants, Salesforce and FinancialForce implementation experts, colleagues, and partners.

We embrace challenges. We love solving problems. And we have a great time working with new organizations and complex engagements.

A Strong team with a
great culture will always be
our top priority. Without it

Nothing else
we do matters.


We Believe In People

At VFP we invest in people. We nurture creativity, encourage challengers of the status quo and value alignment. Our leadership team has an extensive history in large global enterprises, building strategic partnerships, delivering on complex projects and helping organizations achieve transformative change.

Stephanie Picardi


A sought-after enterprise management consultant with a 13-year history working with global Fortune 500 companies, Stephanie has a deep and well-recognized expertise in the quote-to-cash, ERP, and financials space.

Focused on partnerships and long-term line of business growth at VFP, her passion for great consulting and business process is driving incredible growth for the company as well as VFP customers.

Ask Stephanie what she does and you’ll hear “all the things” – meaning taking care of the team, the company and her many Salesforce and FinancialForce friends, partners and colleagues.

Doug Johnston


Building scalable large-capacity teams in enterprise environments for more than 20 years, Doug is creating a culture at VFP focused on growth, sustainability and loyalty.

With a belief that customer focused delivery and execution, matched with vision and operational excellence, is what makes a company and an engagement successful, he brings a unique approach to delivery and management.

Doug joined VFP with a goal to grow the team and scale the operation – which is now doubling year over year, based on a passion for people matched with a deep sense of purpose.

If You Love It,It's Not Work.

Our team is made up of people who love the work we do. Our passion is only matched by our purpose, and each of us has a deep personal drive that adds up to world-class results.

Core Values

Nick Anderson


As a managing consultant with an extensive background in International Business and PSA solutions, Nick is the driving force behind the VFP consultants, helping the team tap into their full potential in order to deliver excellent results.

Ty Alibhai


Ty is a seasoned Salesforce leader with 15 years of consulting and implementation experience. He’s focused on the growth of the Salesforce practice in North America and his invaluable expertise in strategic initiatives and development drives team success at VFP Consulting.

Let's talk about the future.

We believe in hiring good people, not just good resumes. If you're ready to take it to the next level, we have a place for you.

It’s exciting to be part of a growing
company that is also putting great
processes and operations in place, so I
can a focus on my job which is doing A

Great Job for our customers.