How Five9 saved millions by rolling out PSA

Five9 and VFP worked together to take initial requirements – with four levels of detail – and turn them into a fully functioning PS Cloud rollout, hitting a crucial business deadline. Five9 credits the implementation as a major transformative factor in their growth and immediate productivity enhancements.


Certinia and VFP Consulting used a phased approach, VFP Consulting helped integrate Five9 into the Salesforce ecosystem, implementing PS Cloud across all service divisions. This new 360 view of Five9’s entire sales process, services, and growing developments, opened the door for community sharing and company-wide project insights with customers, team members, and key partners. 

Added in revenue due to productivity increases
Hours saved
Improved resource and revenue forecasting

Run Don’t Walk: How Five9 Saved Millions with FinancialForce PSA

This webinar led by Chris Osborne, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Certinia joining Tony Sorensen, SVP & CIO at Five9; Blake Nelson, Vice President, Global Services Operations & Strategy at Five9  and Doug Johnston, COO at VFP Consulting.

Learn how the leading cloud contact center platform Five9, along with help from the expert team at VFP Consulting, saved thousands of hours and millions of dollars by deploying Certinia Professional Services Cloud. Using a phased approach, the experienced team at VFP helped integrate Five9 into the Salesforce ecosystem, implementing Certinia PS Cloud across all service divisions.

VFP Perspective

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