muscular dystrophy association

Annual operational savings
Volunteers across the US
Number of IT systems before Salesforce

The Problem

Operational Inefficiencies
and Technology Debt

Current donation, financial management, and operations processes as separate islands of data that are not interconnected, resulting in inefficiency.

The Solution

A one platform Quote to Cash
Salesforce Solution

Analyze and refine business processes. Leverage Salesforce and Certinia to streamline and connect departments under one roof.

The evolution

Operational Savings and Data Driven Decision Making

With strategic and tactical help from VFP Consulting, the Salesforce/Certinia platforms will allow MDA to achieve two important milestones:

These changes will be the backbone of MDA’s future and will empower tens of thousands of volunteers and staff in 84 offices across the country.

One of America’s best-known and well-loved charities, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, was founded more than 70 years ago. MDA has been known for its innovation over the years, including the first celebrity telethon in 1956, to investment in ground-breaking science and care, and that transformation continues with a new digital strategy. Today, they are embracing a new round of innovation to streamline the organization, serve the many committed donors and volunteers, and continue transforming lives through science and care.

They faced issues including:

That means Mike Kennedy, as the new CFO in 2018, needed to align MDA’s people, maximize the processes that support their communities, and pace the team through a digital transformation that landed them with a one-platform Salesforce strategy with Certinia ERP Cloud.

“I don't give recommendations easily. But I can for VFP - I appreciate that they are more than a software implementation company, and have become my partners in a massive transformation.”

Michael Kennedy

EVP & CFO, Muscular Dystrophy Association

The evolution of a 70-year old charity to a modern Quote to Cash infrastructure

The first phase of this project was to identify where MDA was in their technology journey, and where they needed to evolve. It started with a collaborative discussion. We came to the table with a mutual understanding of “we need to get this done together.”

It wasn't an implementation team, it was a project team. VFP and MDA were delivering real results and real transformation for the MDA user base. MDA had antiquated and disparate front and backend systems, and worked with 64 different systems, none of them were talking to each other. Once this core problem was identified, we decided to implement Certinia as the single end-to-end processing platform.

"Stephanie and VFP joined us in the early session with Certinia we agreed we needed a common platform," said Kennedy. "The plan was to make MDA a data-driven organization, and that's what we did."

“I joined MDA as CFO because I’m passionate about helping people, and I have the corporate background to do it right. My first step was to modernize the tech infrastructure so we had the financial data we needed. Corporate and Not-for-profit are no different in this respect. Unless you have accurate, trusted insights into the flow of cash you are guessing when you make decisions that impact people’s lives.”

Mike Kennedy


As time was of the essence, we were able to implement Certinia and the entire digital transformation in seven months. MDA now enjoys real-time information via Certinia software, which has made a world of difference for them.

During to the implementation stage, VFP spends the time upfront, taking three to six months for evaluation and consultation. In order to prepare for the actual implementation stage, we take our time in order to ensure the project moves forward smoothly. This isn't a plug and play solution, it’s a process. We train and test. We ensure we have a project team system prepared and ready for all system users' questions.

Phase two starts post-implementation. The newly implemented cloud-based platform provides new information for analysis. This allows you to make data-informed decisions and break old habits, discovering faster cheaper, and better ways to do things. As Michael Kennedy says,

“There’s nothing worse than deciding with your fingers crossed because you only have 60% of your information, where now you know I have almost all the information, we know exactly when to hire, exactly when to grow, exactly when to show up to work. These are answers to exactly how to keep our vendors at a very good cost structure and, it's all information that easily flows through now. But, it starts with building that singular platform, having the ability to track information at the point of contact. After phase I we were able to save over 10 million dollars a year on operations. It wasn't a one-time shot because now we are going into the second and third years of it. So, at the end of 2021, I have 30 million dollars in savings and it doesn't stop there, it allows us to be more efficient. When we started 40% of our fundraisers were frustrated and that’s down to 5%. Now, you get a lift because that's a lot of people who are dedicated to the business.”

When $10,000,000 in annual operational savings is just the beginning

Phase two is about knowing we made these operational savings but now we have all this data and we are learning how we can make decisions and how we can use that data. The whole point is not just implementation and savings, but transformation, is the way your business thinks about making decisions. This kind of information it's not just a static report. It's not just information presented to you in one format, and it always has to be dynamic, all being able to drill down to the details.

It’s important to keep in mind that innovation is not a single action or a set strategy. Each step towards innovation opens the door to new questions, new actions and new strategies. In the spirit of innovation, we've helped MDA build a platform that allows for that constant change and evolution. That platform is Certinia.

“Our team embraced the change - and we worked through it together. After a year, we realized our annual operational savings were $10 million +. That’s boring now. What I get excited about is working with our leadership and board to make decisions to help MDA grow and prosper in the next 70 years. That means being smart about our donors and understanding where our support comes from. You need a great CloudERP to make that work.”

Mike Kennedy


Making strategic decisions with the data from the single source of truth

Phase Three capitalizes on the new data in order to create a strategic path for the company, allowing the agility to adapt faster to new events. This was the case with Michael during COVID pandemic, which forced MDA to take a step back to reassess. By incorporating our business consultancy recommendations, we were able to lead MDA to an increased growth mode.

It’s important to keep in mind that innovation is not a single action or a set strategy. Each step towards innovation opens the door to new questions, new actions and new strategies. In the spirit of innovation, we've helped MDA build a platform that allows for that constant change and evolution. That platform is Certinia.

“If you’re embarking on this journey, then best advice I can give is to choose a partner with a passion for your business. I know with our partner TeamVFP providing guidance and expertise over the last 3 years - and many more ahead - MDA will continue to thrive.”

Mike Kennedy


Raul Acosta

Sales Director

As an agile, focused and collaborative team player Raul strives to consistently take a holistic approach and make an impact with each networking experience and partnership forged.


With 15+ years of experience in sales strategy, application sales, and relationship management, he excels at solving complex business challenges through data-driven insights, superior customer service, and relevant Salesforce expertise.


As a former trusted advisor at Certinia and Salesforce, Raul has successfully implemented strategies that drive revenue, align business units, engage target audiences, strengthen brand image, maximize productivity, develop people, transform processes, and improve overall customer experience, showcasing his commitment to clients, partners, and colleagues.

Michael Kelly

Engagement Director & Head of Project Management

Michael, with a background in project financial management and analysis, has spent over a decade in various project management roles. Leading clients, project teams, and fellow project managers, he ensures successful project deliveries and implementations. Michael’s PMP Certification enables him to stay current with the latest industry standards and project management practices.


Passionate about his field and role, Michael finds fulfillment in successful projects, tangible results, and meeting client needs.


Throughout his experience in engagement management Michael has successfully led over 25 clients, projects, and go-lives. He has overseen a project budget portfolio of $25 million per year, managing 21 separate project engagement efforts concurrently for his client base. In his career, Michael has hired, trained, and personally managed a team of over 50 project managers.


He has also contributed to the development and training of new agile project methodologies in multiple companies.


Currently, at VFP, Michael has played a crucial role in implementing the new agile methodology across all active projects for their client base in 2023.

Greg Plaisance

Managing Consultant

Throughout his career at VFP, Greg has progressed from the role of Consultant to Senior Consultant and currently serves as a Managing Consultant.


With 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Greg possesses a diverse skill set that spans Retail Banking, Post Audit, and Consulting. He holds 3 Salesforce certifications and 2 Certinia certifications, showcasing his expertise in areas such as Accounting, Revenue Recognition, Billing, and leadership strategy. Greg’s extensive background equips him with a deep understanding of financial processes, enabling him to offer valuable insights and guidance to clients within the industry.


Passionate about process improvement, efficiency, and leadership he helps companies by managing the systems that support their core objectives, allowing them to focus on their key goals.


Greg aims to build VFP into a premier consulting firm that is highly sought-after by both clients and professionals as a desirable place to work.

Kristin Hubbard

Managing Consultant

Kristin, a seasoned Salesforce and Certinia professional since 2011 specializes in Financial Management, specifically focusing on areas such as Billing, Revenue, and Accounting.


With a degree in Accounting, Kristin began her career as a Billing Specialist, where she actively contributed to the implementation of Salesforce and Certinia, showcasing her problem-solving skills and passion for process improvement.


Recognizing her abilities, she transitioned to the role of Certinia Administrator, playing a crucial role in the system’s global rollout. Later, as a Business Systems Manager, she assumed responsibility for the entire Salesforce platform. Motivated by her love for the job and a desire to help multiple organizations, Kristin pursued consulting, specializing in Certinia ERP and leading consultant teams for approximately eight years.


Since 2018, she has played a vital role in planning and executing the Florida Dreamin event. Recognized as a Salesforce MVP in 2023, she holds 7 Salesforce and 1 Certinia certification, demonstrating her expertise and dedication to growth.


Kristin understands the value of embracing technology and streamlining processes to reduce costs and enhance profitability. With expertise in Salesforce and Certinia, she guides organizations to implement efficient systems, optimize operations, and achieve financial success.

Ty alibhai

Managing Consultant

Ty is a seasoned consulting leader who has focused his experience over the last 15 years on the Salesforce platform and solutions in its ecosystem. He brings 20+ years of business knowledge, consulting experience, and a knack for successful Salesforce and Certinia implementations in the quote-to-cash space. Ty has successfully implemented technology solutions such as Salesforce and Certinia to over 100+ customers over his career and has led/managed consultant teams of 5-10 people.


Graduating from UC Berkeley’s Haas Business School and with a strong background in Computer Science, he launched his career in technology consulting. He focused his career on the Salesforce platform after experiencing success at Salesforce in the early 2000s and growing that knowledge with consulting partners the latter half of his career. His knowledge spans multiple industries, solutions, and market segments from SMB to Enterprise level experience.


As part of his role at VFP, he effectively manages a team of consultants, empowering them to achieve their career objectives. He also leads project teams and ensures the seamless adoption of technology, thereby driving client success at VFP.


Driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact on customers’ lives by simplifying their experience with new systems he excels as a leader, mentoring consultants and guiding project teams to successful outcomes.

Nick Anderson

Managing Consultant

A global Salesforce and Certinia consulting and implementation leader, Nick is an expert in his field with more than 8 years of experience on the platform, specializing in Quote to Cash and Professional Services Automation best practices.


With a focus on mid-market and enterprise accounts, Nick brings a deep knowledge of best practices to all aspects of client projects including change management, business process documentation & improvement, system configuration, revenue recognition and managed services.


With an extensive background in International Business and PSA solutions, Nick is the driving force behind the VFP consultants, helping the team tap into their full potential in order to deliver excellent results.


Never one to back down from a challenge, Nick embraces his ever-changing environment and encourages customers to do the same as a way to drive further success down the road. He stresses the importance of clear communication and building strong working relationships in order to effectively articulate a vision for the future of a business.


Using his own years of consulting experience as a touchstone, Nick’s focus is on developing talent and ushering in customer success for the VFP team across the board.

Doug Johnston

Chief Operating Officer

Building scalable large-capacity services teams in enterprise environments for more than 25 years, Doug is focused on operational excellence and builds high-quality and high-growth companies and teams.  

As COO, Doug’s responsibilities encompass overseeing all facets of customer services including a Project Management team, internal operations, and a team of expert consultants. His primary focus lies in fostering a high-performing team and culture, guiding its development, providing support, and offering coaching to optimize efficiency.

Doug’s diverse experiences in industries including software services, government, private sector, medical, and beyond have led to the development of a global team, overseeing projects ranging from small initiatives to multi-million dollar implementations and long-term relationships with clients.

With unwavering determination, Doug strives to establish a top-tier consulting firm in collaboration with VFP’s CEO, Stephanie Taylor. Together they shared a vision that transcends software implementation, aiming to provide value, challenge conventions, and leverage expertise for optimal outcomes. Though strategies shift with growth, the core objective of building an exceptional company remains a constant in Doug’s journey. 

Doug joined VFP in its infancy, with a goal to grow the team and scale the operation – which is now doubling year over year, based on a passion for people matched with a deep sense of purpose. With 2x INC5000 placements under 1000, team growth of more than 10,000%, high customer success ratings and stability within the team, his leadership has proved vital to positive growth and long term stability for VFP. 

Stephanie Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

A sought-after leader with a 20+ year history working with global Fortune 500 companies, Stephanie is a business process expert with a deep and well-recognized expertise in the Salesforce and Certinia ecosystems, with a focus on Quote-to-Cash, ERP, CRM, and Financial Management.


Stephanie founded VFP Consulting to offer companies with access to a 360 approach to not just implementing but managing their technology investments over time, from aligning people, process and product needs to long term management that maximizes the investment and fuels growth and business needs over time. 


Front-line experience overseeing 100+ projects and relationships with diverse clients, from mid-market enterprises to billion-dollar enterprises, Stephanie’s expertise spans high-growth businesses, private equity, mergers and acquisitions across various industries. Her leadership at VFP places a premium on the core values behind the name – Vision, Focus, and Passion.