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We have worked with Professional Services businesses for more than 20 years, and have become passionate and skilled process experts. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce cloud platform with Certinia PSA we can help streamline your delivery processes and configure the right technology components for your business.


Certinia PSA is the leader in the cloud professional services space due to its depth of functionality and flexibility. With the experience and skill offered by the VFP Consulting team, we work hand in hand with you to gain maximum efficiency for your business based on best practices. As your business and processes grow and evolve, Certinia PSA can flex and grow with you.


Manage people, staff, resources, projects, financials and customers from an all-in-one cloud PSA.


Track resource allocation, edit schedules and see who’s working where and when. View and forecast capacity for easier project planning.


Because Certinia PSA is built on Salesforce, service departments and sales departments can work as a team to configure quotes and proposals.


Get an at-a-glance view of all project KPIs from a PSA dashboard. Visualize project plans, dependencies and timelines with an interactive Gantt chart.


More accurately analyze, forecast, and budget project financials. Gain more control over project costs.


Let service workers record and track time and expenses from anywhere. Increase efficiency and accountability.


Generate project reports for increased accountability and transparency. Plan for a bright future using real-time project data.

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PSA Implementation FAQ

Certinia is the leading PSA application built to run natively in Salesforce. When people talk about Salesforce PSA, they mean Certinia PSA running on top of Salesforce. If you’re searching for a PSA solution on your Salesforce platform – Certinia PSA is your answer.

How long does it take to implement professional services automation?

A simple implementation can take as little as 3 months, especially if you are focused on a single product. A complex multi-Any one product implementations can take longer. Depending on the size and complexity it may vary, a typical PSA is 12-20 weeks for a mid market company.

Does PSA include accounting?

PSA includes powerful project-accounting features. You can capture and report on project cost and revenues within PSA, to report on project financials. If you’re looking for a full blown accounting application with General Ledger, you can also Certinia Financial Management software.

Does VFP provide PSA training?

During the user-acceptance phase, we train key staff members. Trainees will become familiar with workflows, PSA features and tools.

How much does PSA implementation cost?

We’re happy to provide an estimate of PSA implementation costs after a consultation. Because every company is different, every implementation is different, so costs are wildly variable. A consultation reveals your business need, complexity and project scope so we can provide a more accurate and meaningful estimate.

Does Certinia PSA integrate with Salesforce?

Yes! Certinia is a close partner to Salesforce, and integrates seamlessly on the Salesforce platform to deliver you with robust, streamlined accouting and financials on the backend. With Salesforce on your front end and the right configuration of Certinia products you’ll be on track for an effective long-term solution for your business needs.

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