Find out what life is like 90-days after joining VFP

VFP Consulting team

A veteran in the industry – Chris has worked for both FinancialForce and in the Salesforce partner community – and we are so happy to have him and his expertise on #teamVFP!

What’s keeping you so round up about what you’re doing now?

Definitely the people I would say.

In general, is the people and, what I mean by that is that everybody is extremely selfless. You have a group of people that if anyone needs anything to get something done all we have to do is ask and people will drop everything they’re doing in order to help you. It doesn’t matter if they are not involved in the project you are asking help with, at VFP people go above and beyond to help you out and get what you need in order to be successful. I know that sounds cliché but I haven’t experienced anything else other than that and it’s not the case everywhere you go I’m sure. I’ve definitely experienced that so I love it so far I can’t say enough of that.

Everything I want to do or get into is available here. The career opportunities are definitely endless.

Chris Tataris, Consultant at VFP Consulting

Can you give us a sense of comparison to what is VFP does that is different? What’s your experience here that is different elsewhere?

I would say the sense of corporate culturing and culture is one of those things were it actually matters because while we might not see each others face everyday you do go to the office and say like ‘what was your weekend?’. There’s a lot of communication in what VFP does better than other companies ever did and (this is gonna sound weird) I feel like I’m an at an actual office (but i’m not) because people is always talking and there’s always stuff going on so, I feel like there’s this sense of comradery that (others partners) just don’t have.

I don’t know what Stephanie’s goal is but whether it is to be some huge consulting company or whatever the case might be I still think that they are keeping the emphasis on not losing sight of who you are as a culture. I think that people are constantly focusing on it and not losing sight of you know what made us so awesome when we are here at 25 people to 50 people to 100 or 200 like never lose sight of that because people will experience it and people will leave and you don’t wanna lose good people. 

How do you think VFP is perceived in the world of partners of the FinancialForce, Salesforce ecosystem? Why did you approach VFP? 

I first heard of VFP back in 2016. I remember VFP before I remember any other partner. So, I heard a super sharp reputation almost like the sharpest kind of ‘VFP is the IVY league’ high-end whatever high-end bag you would like to wear kind of categories where VFP is.

What do you see in the future for yourself at VFP?

I would love to have a group of people to manage. That’s what I want. I do love proving myself so if that’s going on working my way up so be it I’m totally fine with that and I mean that’s actually better because I’m learning everything as I go and that’ll only help me be a better Chris.

The biggest thing for me is that next move that I make whoever I want to be, I wanna grow organically so I think I made the absolute perfect time and I can’t wait to see where it goes. So can’t wait to show what I’m capable of at the same time. 

The VFP team is really here to help you be successful.

Chris Tataris, Consultant at VFP Consulting.