Salesforce is retiring Workflow Rules and Process Builder


Since Salesforce is retiring Workflow Rules and Process Builder, what is the better approach to take as you begin to move those into Flow Builder? A week ago we made a poll on our LinkedIn Company Page, we set 4 options, and here are the final results.

LinkedIn poll

As you are preparing to move Workflow Rules and Process Builder Processes into Flows, it’s important that you don’t just move things one for one, but instead take advantage of this opportunity to undertake a little Spring Cleaning.

Your org and those automations weren’t built in a day. They were created and added over time. For different reasons, different use cases, by different people usually. And what usually happens is we are in a hurry and don’t always ensure we are folding together ‘like’ automations. We are often adding complexity on top of complexity.

This move gives you the chance to review all automations that are happening, determine whether they are still valid, and (the most fun part) review how you can streamline and make things more efficient! It can also give you the opportunity to document what is actually happening in your org. And who doesn’t love documentation?

I could talk forever about the importance of evaluating and developing a plan to move your automations. This isn’t a data migration where you are taking data in one field and putting it in another. The data needs to be transformed – take the time to plan out that transformation carefully!

More information about Cleaning/Consolidation techniques can be found at these links:

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