The 3 greatest perks of using a one-platform solution like Salesforce


Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management platform for businesses for good reason. On average, customers using Salesforce CRM have seen a 35% boost in customer satisfaction and 38% faster decision-making. And the biggest trend on this platform for 2020 and beyond is thinking Beyond Basic CRM. 

We’re going to challenge you to think bigger. And give you insights into how you can leverage the Salesforce platform to bring your customers the ultimate integrated experience from their first point of contact all the way to getting cash in the door. 

Combining advanced CRM technology with world-class support and consulting programs has shaped Salesforce into the market leader it is today. Salesforce allows businesses to connect with their customers while continuing to grow their sales, service, and marketing with solutions specifically designed for their business. And it’s done all under one roof, giving companies the ability to manage and operate their business easily from anywhere in the world. And now – in this new decade – it’s so much bigger. You can use proven technology to extend the platform and take your customer all the way to service delivery and payments. 

For businesses considering making the switch to a single customer-facing solution, we think these are the three greatest perks of using the Salesforce platform as we move into 2020.

Improve team productivity 

This is the big one for most businesses. The need to improve productivity in companies is more necessary than ever, with studies showing that poor communication is the leading source of dwindling productivity. 

Salesforce takes team collaboration to the next level. With Salesforce, you can log in from anywhere and use it at any time. It allows you to collaborate easily with every department in your company, from Sales and Marketing to Support and Analytics.

 From this vantage point, you’ll be able to see updates come in real-time and seamlessly update data in every stage of your sales cycle (meaning virtually nothing goes unmissed!). In addition to stronger communication and congruency amongst your departments, you’ll also be able to offer your teams heightened solutions and support. 

Simplify your workday

Let’s be honest, no one has time for complex applications. In a fast-paced world such as ours, convenience is key. A single platform strategy like Salesforce is designed to streamline your entire business process and, as an added bonus, is also incredibly easy to use.

Implementing a quote-to-cash process in a single platform solution like Salesforce enables you to view every stage of your sales process in one place. This includes pricing, invoicing, orders, and service configuration. And utilizing FinancialForce, a comprehensive financial system already built into Salesforce creates a complete CRM-to-accounting solution all under one roof. 

Salesforce provides the tools to help you find new business, manage your customers, and keep them happy for life. Whether you want to add further sales processes or change workflows, businesses are able to customize their business processes to suit their needs. The single platform is especially handy for small businesses looking to increase visibility and expand the overall growth of their team and services. 

“If you believe in a one platform strategy to go from sales quote to cash in hand, Salesforce and FinancialForce together is the perfect choice to fuel your company’s growth,” says Tod Nielsen, CEO of FinancialForce.

If you believe in a one platform strategy to go from sales quote to cash in hand, Salesforce and FinancialForce together is the perfect choice to fuel your company’s growth

Tod Nielsen, CEO, FinancialForce

Save money and increase revenue

Reports have shown that companies that use Salesforce for their business, experience on average, have a 25% increase in revenue. And that’s not all. Being a cloud-based solution platform, there are no upfront costs required with Salesforce, unlike on-premise software solutions. There is also zero hardware installation or IT support needed, allowing a business to become fully operational quickly in the Salesforce platform. 

If you’re a company looking to grow your business, integrating your operations into the Salesforce platform is the right place to start. Streamlining and automating your entire operation on the Salesforce platform will allow your business to grow with clarity and vision, two major factors in achieving business success.