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Life in the salesforce ecosystem is never boring

VFP offers more than management consulting. Whether you’re simply optimizing your existing solution, or actively evolving your Salesforce investment to keep up with your growth, we’re here to make sure it’s done the right way for you.

We architect the right solution for you, implement it with you, and manage it over time.

We are Honored to be recognized

by INC Magazine as one of America's fastest-growing
companies for the second year in a row.

How FinancialForce PSA changes the game

Moving from sticky notes to digital:

Inside the day of a Resource Manager

turned PSA Product Owner who helped

design and roll out a true digital



Connect your front office customer experience to your back office systems and maximize your Opportunity to Renewal (O2R) solution. A great O2R takes you from your marketing qualified lead all the way to contract renewal.




Technology is evolving faster than people or processes. As consultants, our job is to understand your business and work with you to help pace your digital transformation. Every company has a unique product configuration that fits their culture and systems. We’re here to help you bring that to life.


Savings with consolidation on FinancialForce already


Hours saved in the first six months with FinancialForce


Automated, controlled cash flow processes


Evolution always starts
with people

Front office or back office, it’s you, your team, their buy in, and collective insights that will make your technology a seamless part of your workflow. It takes investment from people at the beginning, middle and end to get your business to the place you want it to be.


Best in Class Processes
Will help you grow

We’re here to help you define, architect, and adopt the right workflows to chart your course for the future.



Salesforce is your quote
to cash backbone

They are number one in CRM for the same reason FinancialForce is the number one Cloud ERP. They just do it better than anyone else. The platform is flexible, robust, powerful, and evolving every quarter. VFP is here to architect the right combination of features and functionality to help you reach your goals.

People Are The Core Of Our Business

And at the core of yours. Which means your processes need to be aligned with the team. We can help pace your product implementation to maximize growth and help you scale.

Partnership is Critical

“We believe in the power of great consulting. And we believe in doing it with great partners like FinancialForce."

Stephanie Picardi

CEO, VFP Consulting


if you love it,
it's not work

Our team is made up of people who love the work they do. Our passion is matched by our purpose, and each of us has a deep personal drive that adds up to world-class results.

If you’re here, you’re thinking about your Quote to Cash

Cleaning up the back office isn’t as hard as you think when you have experts to help guide you. We start by understanding your current state, and talking about your plans and expected growth. We find efficiencies and implement best in class recesses that leverage one platform – everything from SalesCloud to Revenue Recognition.

At VFP we talk tech and we’d love to know what products you’re already working with. Just select and click to start the conversation.

our Clients


How a customer-centric ERP helps Kin + Carta change the game

“I love having access to so much data and that we’ve had such wide adoption. It’s so cool to get asked a question and be able to go back to the data, analyze it, and get the information I need to answer the question.” Go back two and a half years, however, and Rachel will paint you a much different picture. “Can you believe 280 people were once managed by sticky notes on a whiteboard?” ...

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Your Salesforce performance. Scalability. Bottom line. That’s where we excel. We’ve helped hundreds of companies set up for success, aligned to their goals.